Social Security Scam Alert

IMG_3713WARNING do not open the email or click on link to “check your social security account.” It’s a scam. If you look closely, the link contains underscores, which would never happen with a government site not to mention the real site address is I recommend you delete the email and share this warning with friends, especially those that are not on social media and/or are easily scammed.  Call your parents to let them know.

I personally received this email today. I know that the IRS issues your social security account summary by mail NOT email.

You are welcome. – BMT


Baklava fun Fact

As our kids abaklava1re beginning dance practice for the 55th Annual Greek FUNstival here in San Antonio, TX, I was surfing the WWW and read a fun fact about baklava on today. Apparently there is a new show called “Holy & Hungry” and the site had a slide show explaining some of the religious symbolism behind traditional recipes.  Baklava was the first item pictured, so my interest was peaked!

If you’ve ever made baklava, you know it’s a tedious and time-consuming endeavor.  Many layers of fillo are required.  I didn’t realize that there were supposed to be 33 layers.  Each layer represents a year in Jesus Christ’s life.  I’m not sure if I counted the layers before, but I guarantee you that from now on there will be 33 buttery layers of phyllo in the pan!

Welcome to Reviews of the Arts SA!

We are happy to finally have our site up and running, as we’ve been working to expand our Facebook page into something more.  All reviews will now be posted on our Facebook page as well as this site. We’ve also added an instagram account – @reviewsoftheartssa. I, personally, am working towards getting a photo gallery put together on here for Reviews of the Arts. It’s exciting to see where our reviews are heading! Check back weekly because we’ll begin posting reviews and photos soon! See you then!- RCT