Review – Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández at the Tobin Center

"Fiesta en Tlacotalpan"

“Fiesta en Tlacotalpan”

Exhilarating! Excellent! Fabulous! Amazing! Colorful! Every cheerful and good word in the English language are not enough to describe the performance given by Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández to a full house at the Tobin Center on Monday, September 14, 2015.  This dance company began in Mexico in 1952 and while its home base remains in Mexico City, has toured around the world since 1958.  A few seconds into the show, it was obvious why it is still going strong after 57 years.

Charro Dance

                          Charro Dance

The dancers gave San Antonio a glimpse of historic Mexican folk dances from various regions of Mexico.  They began with a tribal dance to the gods – a dance that dates back to the pre-Hispanic period of Mexico.  The dance resembled the dances of Native American Indians.

One of the many synchronized dances was called, “Revolución,” which was dedicated to the women who fought in the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Other dances and costumes signified Mexico’s Spanish heritage.




The vibrant colors, brilliant costumes, scenic backdrops, authentic mariachi band, and talented dancers brought so much energy and joy to the room. One could feel the love and energy deep within their soul. The spectators were so engaged and the dancers acknowledged that connection by coming out into the audience more than once. 
There were nine dance sets and, I believe, as many costume changes in the hour and a half show.  The dances consisted of very intricate, fast-paced steps, which one could tell were very difficult to master, however the performers made look as easy as walking; as if it was second nature for them! Except for a ten minute intermission, there was always movement on the stage! The dances were perfectly coordinated with the live music played by a very large and talented mariachi band.
Stupendous Mariachi Band

Stupendous Mariachi Band

  During costume changes, the members of the band showcased their individual talents.  They played many instruments, including harps, violins, trumpets, guitars, ukuleles, and the Mexican guitarron.  The band, in itself, was sufficient entertainment for a concert!  Combining them with the extremely talented dancers creates an unbeatable show.


During the finale, the dancers came out into the auditorium dancing with each other and taking partners from the audience.  The crowd, which had given standing ovations after more than one dance set throughout the night, were all on their feet clapping and cheering as the performers took their bows.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more beautiful, energetic, and captivating presentation! Viva México! Bravo!



The tour will be in Ohio, Minnesota, and Illinois next week, check the schedule to see if they are coming to your area; it is an event of total perfection that you do NOT want to miss.