Rest In Peace, David Cassidy

RIP @davidcassidyofficial Thank you for the music, memories and making us happy! What girl growing up in the 70s and 80s (courtesy of reruns) wasn’t in love 😍 with him and wished he was singing, “I think I love you” To them? I know I did. Condolences to his family @shauncassidyofficial May his memory be eternal. #RIP #heartthrob #davidcassidy #poplegend IMG_3825

Social Security Scam Alert

IMG_3713WARNING do not open the email or click on link to “check your social security account.” It’s a scam. If you look closely, the link contains underscores, which would never happen with a government site not to mention the real site address is I recommend you delete the email and share this warning with friends, especially those that are not on social media and/or are easily scammed.  Call your parents to let them know.

I personally received this email today. I know that the IRS issues your social security account summary by mail NOT email.

You are welcome. – BMT