The Final World Tour Broke My Heart and Mended It All In One Night

ryannnnnnnYellowcard has held one of the most special places in my heart for the longest time. Though I was born in 1998, a year after their journey as a band began, I was reached by their music at a very young age. They had a way of making me feel less alone, and somehow made me smile in some of my worst moments. Even now, at 17, after many changes in my life,  they are still a constant reminder that “everything is gonna be alright.”

Often, when talking about the band, I mention that Ocean Avenue was the first CD I ever bought with my own money. This CD became the cornerstone for a collection that is now built by over 100 albums and is still growing. Yellowcard made me want to listen to music and become involved in it, whether I was crying and singing “One Year, Six Months” or smiling at the possibility of forever and belting out “Ocean Avenue,” they were an integral part of my growth in music.

The prospect of them not being a band is something I am still trying to wrap my head around. Though I know that they will all go on to do great things, it is hard to accept that one of the few constants in my life will no longer be constant. However, the Final World Tour brought me quite a bit of closure. For an hour and fifteen minutes or so, I was reminded of Yellowcard’s amazing past but also assured by Ryan Key, the voice behind the lyrics that have meant so much to fans throughout the years, that though this chapter of their lives is closing, there is more to come in the future.

Dryjacket and Like Torches were amazing support. The former opened the show with melodic tunes that left the room craving more music, and the latter, a Swedish band on their first U.S. tour, were so entertaining, I was sad to see them leave the stage. Both openers shared stories of growing up listening to Yellowcard, and I believe this definitely caused an immediate connection between them and the masses of fans in the crowd. People standing around me commented on how impressed they were with both acts, and how great they fit with the tour. I was equally impressed, and hope to hear more from both bands in the near future.

Though I could write lines and lines about how absolutely perfect the Yellowcard set was, I believe the only way you can truly understand it is to attend one of their last shows. As always, they left me speechless, both from their spectacular performance and also from the fact that I sang along with every song.  They are a band that will never be forgotten by anyone who has been touched by their music, and who are unrivaled in love and support from fans. I hope everyone gets a chance to see them on this tour and is able to receive the closure I received from seeing them perform live one last time. There is something so touching about watching a band that has meant so much to you for such a long time say their final goodbye.

If you want to purchase tickets to a date near you, please visit:

You will not regret it, I promise.

All I can say with certainty is, long live Yellowcard. They are legends in my eyes, and legends never truly die.

-Rini Christina

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Vicki Lawrence & Mama Sing at the Tobin Center

This seems to be my year for checking items off my bucket list or simply doing things I’d never imagined!  Being in the same room as a comedic legend such as Vicki Lawrence falls into the latter category!

I grew up watching the Carol Burnett Show; we never missed it. It didn’t matter where we were, a friend’s house, a family get together, everyone sat around to watch Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway perform their weekly comedy sketches and Movie/TV Show parodies.  My favorite segments were the Mama’s Family skits.  Being a young girl, I found it amusing that a Grandma could be so raw, mean, and funny at the same time!  I remember how shocked I was to find out that Vicki Lawrence was actually much younger than Carol!  I actually thought she was older, or at least the same age. I believe that’s how you can judge good acting, when someone can make you believe that she IS the person whose role she’s playing!

We sat behind a taxi driver that had the pleasure of driving Vicki around San Antonio. He was scrolling through his photos and we noticed a photo of him and Vicki.  We asked if he was at the meet and greet.  He told us that she, her husband, Al Schultz, and her son, were really nice. They gave him tickets to the show and it appears that he was their driver for the weekend.


Vicki sings (Photo by JohnDavid Scarcliff)

Vicki came out and connected with the audience by telling comical, but true stories, about routine events such as visiting the gynecologist.  She reminded some of us that may have forgotten (or those that didn’t know) that she produced and recorded the first version of “The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia.”  Yes folks, Reba is not the original redhead to sing it!  She said her then husband, Bobby Russell, didn’t like the song and she “got it in the divorce.”  In 1973, it was number one on the “Billboard Hot 100.”  She sang it for us and joked about how she was the only artist that could do a medley of her hits in one song.

Vicki also told us the story of how she was discovered by Carol at a “Miss Fireball” contest. Over the years I’ve seen articles speculating that Vicki resented being in Carol’s shadow. I didn’t sense that Vicki had any resentment for Carol at all.  In fact, I think it is the opposite.  I think she is grateful. Though I did sense a little resentment between Vicki and Mama. It seems that whenever Vicki is spotted by fans, they yell out to her, “where’s Mama?” It is as if they don’t realize that she IS Mama.  I believe she should be proud that after 40 years, Mama lives on in the hearts of fans everywhere.  Even though Mama came out of the Carol Burnett Show, she is clearly Vicki’s masterpiece.  The Tobin Center was nearly full with people that came to see Vicki AND Mama and all the laughs were for Vicki and her alter ego – Mama; no one else!


One thing Vicki did say begrudgingly, was that Bob Mackie created glamorous sequined gowns for Carol and for her just the Mama costume! (Photo by JohnDavid Scarcliff)

Since it is not shown in re-runs, my 17-year old daughter never saw the “Carol Burnett Show” or “Mama’s Family.”  She had no idea what she was in for, but she loved it!  She screamed with laughter, just as much as us “old folks!”  By the way, Vicki advised us that “Mama’s Family” is currently showing on “MeTV,” so if you get that channel, you are in luck.  Sadly for us, MeTV is not on the Dish Network.


Better listen to Mama! (Photo by JohnDavid Scarcliff)

Of course the crowd really went wild when Mama came out and did a rap for us! It was hysterical!  She did an “ask Mama” routine where she touched on some current issues. One question I recall was how she felt about Caitlyn Jenner.  Mama said that she didn’t understand why someone would want to become a woman at the menopausal stage of life!   The best way to describe the show is to quote Vicki, herself, “My show is not a retrospective, . . .It is a mixture of stand-up comedy, music and my observations about real life.”( The only thing she left out is that you will be laughing so hard your sides will hurt and your eyes will tear!

“Vicki Lawrence and Mama, A Two Woman Show” is touring the country and I highly recommend you catch it if you can.  You can see the schedule on her website by following this link  I hope she comes back to San Antonio next year. – BMT

Frampton: Alive 40 Years Later

I entered the Tobin Center excited to see Peter Frampton for the first time. I was just 10 years old when I was introduced to his music, and too young to go to a rock concert. Typically artists don’t allow photographs during the show, so we didn’t bring a camera. Obviously aware that fans will sneak photos anyway, Peter Frampton must believe “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” so he posted signs stating fans could take as many videos and photos as they wanted during the first three songs only.  Once inside the theater, people were holding signs and walking up and down the aisles stressing that photos could be taken during the first three songs.  After the three tunes, he requested we put away the recording devices and “live in the moment!” Bravo Peter! I find myself saying that to my daughter at least once a day – “enjoy the moment.”  Not too long ago, OK, I’ll say it, “in our day,” we had to wait several days to get our photos back from the Fotomat AND we were lucky if they

Fotomat booth – photo from

turned out! That was IF we were allowed to bring cameras into the venue. Unless we were there with our friends, we had to tell our friends about it AFTER the concert, (usually the next day), we’d then follow-up a few days later to show the few blurry photos we managed to salvage from the roll [of film for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about.] While we were at the concert though, we screamed, danced, clapped, sang along and could care less about connecting with ANYONE other than the artist and the fans around us! But I digress. . .

frampton rct3

Photo taken at end of 3rd song.

As you can imagine, during the first three songs, the auditorium looked like a sea of smart phone screens! Peter later commented that he didn’t recognize us (because he couldn’t see anyone’s face, just the back of their phones!) Our seats were not close enough for our cell phone camera, so my apologies, but our pictures resemble 1970’s Fotomat prints!  Thanks to the generosity of the Tobin Center, we were able to obtain two very awesome close-ups that were taken by their photographer, John David Scarcliff.

Frampton was ready to rock the night away and he told us that he was going to play for us, “virtually all night.”  Normally, that would make my daughter and I extremely happy, but this being the night before her last final exam, we were thinking that she should have stayed home. OK, so I failed Parenting 101 by taking her to a concert during finals week, but in the end, it was worth loosing sleep and study time!  (In case you are wondering, she got an A on the final.)

He began with his classics and went into at least a half-hour set of acoustic solos from his new album released in February 2016 – “Peter Frampton – Acoustic Classics.”


Released 2/26/16 (Photo and track list from

01. Fig Tree Bay
02. Wind Of Change
03. All I Want To Be ( Is By Your Side )
04. Show Me The Way
05. Lines On My Face
06. Sail Away
07. Baby, I Love Your Way
08. All Down To Me
09. Penny For Your Thoughts
10. Do You Feel Like I Do
11. I’m In You

Peter allowed the audience to connect with him by telling personal stories that were very touching.  For example, he told the story behind his song, “Hummingbird in a Box.” When he was a little boy, his grandfather gave him some type of puzzle box that once opened revealed a small hummingbird figurine.  He had several guitar changes and told us a story about one he stole from his good friend, George Harrison!  He marveled at how big George’s property was and how many “tuners” (guitars) he had and stated that it was OK because “a Beatle should have everything he needs!”  He told us about the guitar given to him by Buddy Holly’s wife – a replica of Holly’s guitar named “Peggy Sue,” which contains the fret from Buddy’s original guitar.  Maria Elena Holly gave the guitar to Peter for his participation in an artist collaboration of recording Holly’s hits for a children’s charity.  He told us that “Peggy Sue” was the very first song he ever sang in front of anyone. He sang it for a Cub Scout music proficiency badge!  He then performed a fantastic rendition of “Peggy Sue” for us!  We even got to learn about his pet peeves.  For instance, it was obvious that he was not a big fan of people screaming things at him while he was trying to tell a story!  A few times he turned up the volume, while tuning to drown out the audience noise!  He also doesn’t like when people arrive to the concert late!  He embarrassed a couple that came in around the fifth song.  He told them, “. . .there’s probably a good reason why you are late” then rubbed-in that they missed several good songs and that there was a photo rule!  So, if you have tickets to his next show, be sure to arrive on time!!

peter frampton jds 3

Photo by John David Scarcliff

A die-hard performer, Frampton never took a break.  His band got several, but he kept on playing and telling stories until his last bow.  As expected, he and the band came back for an encore.  He sang, “I Want you to Love Me. . .till the hair grows on my head.” Obviously making fun of his balding hair-line.  But don’t be fooled, at 66 years old, even though he no longer has those long golden locks, Peter Frampton still ROCKS!! The grand finale, was a tear-jerking performance of the Beatles’ “While my Guitar Gently Weeps.” I’m not sure about anyone else, but it made me cry.

peter frampton jds

Photo by John David Scarcliff

The best part of the night was meeting him and getting his autograph.  Peter had two separate and private meet and greets that night.  One, I was told, was sponsored by Budweiser and the other for people who purchased VIP tickets from the tour.  Sadly, we did not have passes for either one but waited outside with a handful of others hoping to meet him.  We were joined by two people who came out wearing tour passes. They told us that Peter’s tour manager was their close friend and that they often get backstage passes.  What was interesting was that even though they have been backstage numerous times, they have never, I repeat, NEVER, actually met Peter Frampton and/or obtained his autograph! So, it was an honor and privilege that Peter decided to come out, greet us, and sign one item. We respected his request for no photos and just thanked him for the great show and for allowing us to meet him.  He was very humble and gracious.The Manager’s friends also said that they never heard Peter tell so many personal stories!  I guess the intimacy of the Tobin Center makes artists feel comfortable with the audience.


In case you are wondering why the ticket is signed upside down – I mentioned that we waited and were respectful, but there were a handful of rude people who came “out of the woodwork” and just pulled-up to where we were waiting.  These type of people are why artists usually don’t bother greeting fans and ruin it for everyone else!  I use a cane and was standing on the side; I could not jump down to where the rest of the people were standing, I was technically at the beginning of the line, but Peter started from the other end.  These two guys who just pulled-up, cut in front of me.  When I pointed that out to them, they said, “well come down here.” Hello?! Didn’t they see the cane?! Someone else told them that we’d been waiting there a long time, so they grabbed my ticket and handed it to Peter, upside down, (after he signed their items) and told him it was mine. Peter handed it back to me and gave me a beautiful smile.  I was upset when I realized it was upside down, but being able to thank him for a great show and getting a huge smile makes it priceless.

Frampton is still touring, currently with Cheap Trick.  I highly recommend you make it to one of his shows. Check out his tour dates here –


Rest in Peace Glenn Frey

“There’s . . .Heartache Tonight, I know.”


What a terrible way to start the year for music fans. I was about to turn off my computer, when I came across this shocking post on the Eagles Facebook Page –

“There’s a Hole in the World”

How I wish the news came from “Lyin’ Eyes.” Unfortunately, it is true, yet another musical legend has left us.  The Eagles founding member, guitarist, songwriter, and singer, Glenn Frey, passed away today. He was 67 years old. The post from the Eagles page said that Frey died from “complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis and Pneumonia.” I am saddened by this news. The Eagles are one of my favorite bands. In fact, I never met anyone that said they didn’t like them! I grew up in the 70s and 80s listening to their music and loved it all. I think it is safe to say that everyone has a favorite Eagles song.  Who hasn’t been to an event where the crowd was singing along to “Hotel California,” “Desperado,” “Take it Easy” or any number of Eagles classics?  Don Henley and Glenn Frey’s song lyrics are poetic genius; true works of art.

I got to cross something off my “bucket list”

Since they disbanded in the 80s, I never thought I’d get to see the Eagles perform live in my lifetime, but on September 8, 2008, my dream came true.  I was blessed to get tickets from one of my bosses to see them at the AT&T Center here in San Antonio. I took my,then 9 year-old, daughter with me.  There was not one song that we didn’t sing along to. We were up on our feet the entire time. (This was back when I could stand more than 10 minutes!) It was a surreal experience to be able to enjoy music from my childhood icons with my daughter. It is still one of the best concert memories we share. In fact, just last week, when we picked-up our tickets to the upcoming Pat Benatar rodeo concert (my Christmas present) we talked about how fantastic that show was. Music has always been a big part of our routine.  I’ve taken her to many concerts, but this one made a huge impression on her back then because they have so many hits, that the concert, as I recall, was over two hours long!  Also, on our way to the concert, she said she didn’t know who the Eagles were, but she recognized almost all of the songs in the set list. Each song sounded almost identical to the versions recorded some 20-30 years earlier; their voices were just as crisp. To me, it is the epitome of musical talent when artists sound just as good or even better, live in-concert, as they do on their studio recordings.

“Part of Me, Part of You”

This post seems to be more about the Eagles, than Glenn Frey, but let’s face it, as a co-founder, one of the lead singers and songwriters, Glenn Frey is a huge part of the Eagles and the Eagles are a huge part of Glenn Frey.  I imagine the band will continue to tour without him, since they were in the middle of their “History of the Eagles” tour when they took a break because of Glenn’s illness.  I think it would be an awesome tribute to him to continue, but they can never replace Glenn Frey.

Soundtrack to Our Lives

During Glenn’s solo career in the 80s, “The Heat Is On” was one of his biggest hits.  It is one of the songs on the soundtrack of “Beverly Hills Cop,” the story of a Detroit Cop (Eddie Murphy) that winds up in Beverly Hills. Coincidentally, Glenn Frey was born in Detroit on November 6, 1948. His song, “Part of Me, Part of You,” is also on the soundtrack for the movie, “Thelma & Louise.” His voice was soft yet powerful, with just the right amount of “rasp,” making his songs perfect to use in movies and really, perfect music for life’s many occasions.  Since reading the news of his passing, I’ve seen so many Twitter posts by celebrities, one that stands out, and I think most would agree with, was from Melissa Gilbert, she wrote, “Rest well Glenn Frey. So grateful for the soundtrack you gave my life. . .” I couldn’t put it better, he did give our lives a soundtrack!

David Bowie, There’s “A New Kid in Town”

Glenn joins so many great artists in Heaven tonight.  Rest in Peace Glenn, your music will live on forever.  You have the best of our love. – BMT

Way Back Wednesday – Ringo Starr Concert Review*

Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band, at the Tobin Center – October 7, 2014

Dream Come True

What a show! Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band put on a great show at theTobin Center for the Performing Arts last night! When I was 16, I played Ringo Starr’s “You’re 16” repeatedly – so much that I’m actually surprised the record still plays! I think it was released the year my Aunt turned 16 and I remember her playing it over and over too. I pass the torch (well actually the 45 record) to my daughter who turns 16 next month. Though it was our mutual dream to hear Ringo Starr sing it last night, I guess he doesn’t consider it one of his greats – so it wasn’t on the set list. I guess it’s not orthodox to start a review of a fantastic concert with a negative comment, but now that it’s out of the way, we can focus on all the perfection that it was!

I was born after the Beatles invasion, around the time Revolver was released. I guess you could say I grew up listening to their music, but I never experienced their magic first hand. In fact, it was only a few months ago that I watched some Beatles episodes from the Ed Sullivan Show with my daughter. If you watch those clips, you see Ringo happily smiling and playing the drums but doing very little, if any, singing. Despite his being “so hard to see”, from my perspective, Ringo was the main ingredient. As my daughter says, take away the drums and you have no song! He was (and still is) my favorite Beatle! Nothing against the other 3 greats, John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney, or George Harrison, I’ve just always had a thing for Ringo and his upbeat personality. I digress.SAM_3720

Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren

I’m embarrassed to say that I was not really aware of its members or how awesome the All Starr Band is. So, I was not expecting that last night would not only be a concert of a lifetime because we were seeing Ringo, but we also got to experience the music of Steve Lukather, (Santana, Toto, Journey), Todd Rundgren, Richard Page (Mr Mister), Gregg Bissonette (Santana, David Lee Roth), Gregg Rolie (Santana, Journey),, and Warren Ham (Toto)


The All-Starr Band

The All-Starr Band

Ringo sang one of his newer songs called, “Anthem (for Peace and Love)” but I think Todd Rundgren, dressed in a psychedelic pant suit like someone right out of 1971, sang another anthem Ringo subscribes to – “Bang the Drum all Day.” As Ringo said, “Well, that’s what I do.” He looked genuinely thrilled to be playing the drums while the All Starr Band members belted out classic tunes that made them famous, such as “Africa,” “Roseanna,” “Oye Como Va,” “Love Isn’t Always on Time,”. He even sat in the background playing the cajón drum while Richard Page showcased his new song, “You are Mine.”While he never said the word, “Beatles,” he enjoyed directing fans to sing along to classic Beatles tunes – “Yellow Submarine” and his finale, “I get by with a Little Help from my Friends.” Ringo even made a sarcastic remark after he sang, “Don’t Pass me by,” about how after he wrote that song he “was like, watch out (John and Paul), I’m coming through!”

SAM_3719 SAM_3697

Despite his fame and financial status, I think all will agree that Ringo is a down-to- earth kind of guy with whom you could just be yourself and chat with at a party. Ringo’s infectiously joyful personality shined through last night at the Tobin Center. As fans yelled out his name, he acknowledged them with “don’t just say my name, say ‘Ringo, we love you’. . .it makes me feel good.” He also acknowledged a fan dressed in a pink Sgt. Pepper costume. The intimate layout of the Tobin Center allows the artist to interact with the fans and the fans to feel as though the artist is speaking directly to them. Several times during the night, I felt as if Ringo was looking right into my eyes – even though I was about nine rows back and he was behind his bright red drums. If you want him to really look into your eyes, that’ll be $3,000, but it’s for a good cause, the proceeds go to Ringo’s charity, the Lotus Foundation. Fans were also able to purchase Ringo’s artwork, drumheads, jewelry, and various other reasonably priced items to help the Lotus Foundation and of course, the usual T-shirts, photos, and other memorabilia from the band’s merchandise booth.

SAM_3699Ringo is a real star that is not afraid to let the spotlight shine on his co-workers – a technical term because I don’t think any of them were “working” last night. Music is a passion for most people, but only a select few get paid for fueling that passion. True, as fans we provide their source of income, but our reward is the wonderful feeling they leave us with when they take their final bows. The acoustics in the Tobin Center are amazing. We shot some video using our phones and small digital cameras. I think you’ll agree the sound quality is pretty good and you’ll forgive me for their jumpiness. I hope you enjoy these video clips and photographs at least half as much as my daughter and I enjoyed being there to take them. Peace & Love. – BMT

*Originally posted on Facebook October 9, 2014 –

Jon Secada at the Tobin

On the wings of the 20th Anniversary of his musical career, Jon Secada, sprang up from below the stage at the Tobin Center Saturday night crooning “Que Sera Sera”.


Much like the cicada that sings at night, Jon hopped around the stage non-stop for almost two hours singing a vast array of tunes with his sensuous voice.

Secada or Cicada?

Secada or Cicada?

My eyes actually hurt from trying to catch him in one spot long enough to snap a photo!

Faster than the shutter speed!

Faster than the shutter speed!

A few times, he pulled a bench over and sat, but not 20 seconds into the song, he was up again!


He sang his own hits such as, “Do You Believe in Us,” “I’m Free,” “If You Go,” and “Just Another Day.”  Since his career began writing hits for others, he sang songs he wrote for Ricky Martin, (“She’s All I Ever Had”) and Gloria Estefan, (“Coming Out of the Dark”).  He gave the audience a glimpse of his Broadway days, which he says made him an “entertainer.”  He sang “Cabaret” in French and English.  He sang just about every song in both English and Spanish.  He reminisced about growing up in Cuba, listening to classic Latino songs and mixed in songs such as, “Brazil”, “Besame Mucho,” and Santana’s “Evil Ways.”  His seven piece band was fabulous!

Great artists and their bands go hand-in-hand

Great artists and their bands go hand-in-hand

Photo courtesy of Tobin Center Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Tobin Center Facebook page

My favorite part of the show was his tribute to the Chairman, Frank Sinatra. He spoke of how honored he, “Juan Francisco Secada,” was to be asked to perform a duet with Frank Sinatra.  He began the performance of “The Best is yet to Come” with a recording of Old Blue Eyes, himself and then came in on his original part to play-out the song.

Photo courtesy of Tobin Center Facebook pag

Photo courtesy of Tobin Center Facebook page

He belted out other Sinatra hits – “What a Difference a Day Makes” and his rendition of “My Way,” which would have made Paul Anka and the CEO proud!

Sultry performance of

Sultry performance of “Spanish Eyes”

The most entertaining part of the evening was when he invited a woman from the audience to come on stage with him.  She sat on the stool, swooning as he seduced and serenaded her to “Spanish Eyes.”  His moves were nothing short of steamy! Another enjoyable moment was his salsa rendition of “Human Nature” from the “Unity” project – a Latin tribute by various artists to Michael Jackson.

I was disappointed for Jon Secada that there were so many empty seats in the house.  Perhaps San Antonians were afraid he might not show, since he cancelled his performance in Dallas the day before?  Maybe the earlier “One Man Breaking Bad” show at the Tobin Center and/or the Comic Con event were too much competition? Who can say? They missed a good show. I don’t know where Jon Secada got all that energy, but one thing is for sure, even after the curtain dropped, that energy remained on the stage and intensified when Ballet Folklórico de México took over the stage on Tuesday night. – BMT


TBT – Clay Walker Fam Club Party, Nashville, TN – June 2006

Clay Walker Fam Club Party, Nashville, TN - June 2006

Clay Walker Fam Club Party, Nashville, TN – June 2006

When an artists can sound as great as they do on an album in a hotel banquet room – that’s a God given talent. 100_6399

This was my 3rd trip to Nashville, TN, just to attend Clay’s Fam Club Party – in true Walker Stalker mode! The CMA Music Festival was always the added bonus.


This was back when the fan club President was Lori Steuart and the parties were like family reunions!  Watch the video below – how can you not love this voice?! — with Clay Walker at Lowes Vanderbilt

Arlo Guthrie: In Retrospect

On February 26th I sat among many, many excited people within The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, who were just as lucky as I was to be graced by the music and the presence of a genius, Arlo Guthrie. One of his most famous lines is “You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant,” and, on that very album’s 50th Anniversary tour, I got something I had only dreamed about, a chance speak to him personally. Although Arlo doesn’t do formal “meet and greets,” I was privileged enough to meet him and I am so glad I did. To be honest, I expected him to be in a hurry to say “Hi,” and then get out of town. That was not the case, I discovered that he is one of the funniest people in the world, even in one-on-one settings. As I stood there crying, because i was meeting a musical legend, he just laughed and said “Stop crying I’m not that great,” signed my Alice’s Restaurant album with a heart, and gave me the biggest hug I’ve ever received. Arlo Guthrie is a genius, a comic, and an absolutely amazing, sweet human being, and after seeing him live (and meeting him), I feel I can die happy. But I’ll keep breathing because “I don’t want to die, I just want to ride my motorcy…cle,” into the next amazing opportunity this life brings to me.- RCT