In all things, give thanks" | Quotes & Inspiration. | Pinterest

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am especially thankful for all of my followers here at reviewsoftheartssa.wordpress.com, and on Facebook and Instagram.  Thank you for your support and for sharing my posts.

Enjoy your day today. Remember our troops who are far from home and all their sacrifices to keep US safe.  

Think about all of those that work in retail that are being forced to work today. Try not to buy into “black Thanksgiving” shopping. Retailers should allow their employees to have this day with their families and to rest and prepare for the Christmas shopping season that is four weeks long enough. Try not to go out shopping today so that maybe next year retail employees can also have this day with their families. Friday is soon enough to brave the crowds and as far as I can tell, the deals will be the same both days.  

The term is “Black Friday,” not Black November or Black Thanksgiving and it is ridiculous to have “black Friday” sales every day since Halloween!  If you absolutely must shop, be kind and be careful. – BMT


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