Blood Moon


We’re not exactly astrologists, but how can one know that a rare lunar eclipse will occur without at least attempting to catch a view?  We put our robes on and stepped outside at about 9 pm. We couldn’t find the moon no matter which way we turned, so we decided to drive to a darker place. We drove to a nearby park and met a man in a NASA T-shirt. He was so excited. He and his family were camped out with their camera and telescope. He told us we just missed the first part, we couldn’t see the moon because it was already in eclipse.  He said that it would be back at around 10:22 and they were ready to take more photos!  We parked, opened the windows, sat back, put the phone on the dashboard, watched Jimmy Fallon YouTube videos, and waited. Approximately ten different vehicles pulled into the spot next to us and impatiently drove off minutes later. We’re not quitters, so we continued to wait.  Right on schedule, my daughter crouched down to look up into the sky above our car, and saw the moon coming back into view. We got out of the car, yes, in our robes! and snapped several photos. Though she didn’t listen to me (as usual) and take her professional camera, she did take the above photo with her Samsung Galaxy smartphone.  It’s probably the best photo we took.  I took these next photos with the iPad. imageimage

When we got home, we discovered we had a fairly decent view right in our own yard! Obviously we were just as impatient as those that drove off.  Thus the moral of the story is –  the moon isn’t always brighter on the other side.  

But it was redder! 🙂

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