Jon Secada at the Tobin

On the wings of the 20th Anniversary of his musical career, Jon Secada, sprang up from below the stage at the Tobin Center Saturday night crooning “Que Sera Sera”.


Much like the cicada that sings at night, Jon hopped around the stage non-stop for almost two hours singing a vast array of tunes with his sensuous voice.

Secada or Cicada?

Secada or Cicada?

My eyes actually hurt from trying to catch him in one spot long enough to snap a photo!

Faster than the shutter speed!

Faster than the shutter speed!

A few times, he pulled a bench over and sat, but not 20 seconds into the song, he was up again!


He sang his own hits such as, “Do You Believe in Us,” “I’m Free,” “If You Go,” and “Just Another Day.”  Since his career began writing hits for others, he sang songs he wrote for Ricky Martin, (“She’s All I Ever Had”) and Gloria Estefan, (“Coming Out of the Dark”).  He gave the audience a glimpse of his Broadway days, which he says made him an “entertainer.”  He sang “Cabaret” in French and English.  He sang just about every song in both English and Spanish.  He reminisced about growing up in Cuba, listening to classic Latino songs and mixed in songs such as, “Brazil”, “Besame Mucho,” and Santana’s “Evil Ways.”  His seven piece band was fabulous!

Great artists and their bands go hand-in-hand

Great artists and their bands go hand-in-hand

Photo courtesy of Tobin Center Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Tobin Center Facebook page

My favorite part of the show was his tribute to the Chairman, Frank Sinatra. He spoke of how honored he, “Juan Francisco Secada,” was to be asked to perform a duet with Frank Sinatra.  He began the performance of “The Best is yet to Come” with a recording of Old Blue Eyes, himself and then came in on his original part to play-out the song.

Photo courtesy of Tobin Center Facebook pag

Photo courtesy of Tobin Center Facebook page

He belted out other Sinatra hits – “What a Difference a Day Makes” and his rendition of “My Way,” which would have made Paul Anka and the CEO proud!

Sultry performance of

Sultry performance of “Spanish Eyes”

The most entertaining part of the evening was when he invited a woman from the audience to come on stage with him.  She sat on the stool, swooning as he seduced and serenaded her to “Spanish Eyes.”  His moves were nothing short of steamy! Another enjoyable moment was his salsa rendition of “Human Nature” from the “Unity” project – a Latin tribute by various artists to Michael Jackson.

I was disappointed for Jon Secada that there were so many empty seats in the house.  Perhaps San Antonians were afraid he might not show, since he cancelled his performance in Dallas the day before?  Maybe the earlier “One Man Breaking Bad” show at the Tobin Center and/or the Comic Con event were too much competition? Who can say? They missed a good show. I don’t know where Jon Secada got all that energy, but one thing is for sure, even after the curtain dropped, that energy remained on the stage and intensified when Ballet Folklórico de México took over the stage on Tuesday night. – BMT



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