Baklava fun Fact

As our kids abaklava1re beginning dance practice for the 55th Annual Greek FUNstival here in San Antonio, TX, I was surfing the WWW and read a fun fact about baklava on today. Apparently there is a new show called “Holy & Hungry” and the site had a slide show explaining some of the religious symbolism behind traditional recipes.  Baklava was the first item pictured, so my interest was peaked!

If you’ve ever made baklava, you know it’s a tedious and time-consuming endeavor.  Many layers of fillo are required.  I didn’t realize that there were supposed to be 33 layers.  Each layer represents a year in Jesus Christ’s life.  I’m not sure if I counted the layers before, but I guarantee you that from now on there will be 33 buttery layers of phyllo in the pan!


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