Throw Your Stone

Most everybody has seen this video by now, but in case you didn’t, you should watch.  Kathy Lee Gifford talks about the personal and God fearing side of her husband, Frank Gifford.

Often when we think of famous people, we picture them having lives of wine, roses, and caviar – everything handed to them on a “silver platter.”  I find it easier to identify with the rich and famous when they talk about their humble beginnings. Kathy Lee tells of Frank’s family being grateful to eat dogfood in order to survive during the depression. Knowing that someone like Frank Gifford was able to rise up from such poverty instills hope in everyone.

It is truly powerful when celebrities  talk about the Lord and the strength they get from their faith. To me, that is what the media should do – promote faith in God and his pressence in all of our lives rather than glamorize evil and harp on the tragedies of the World.  The freedom to express our beliefs, especially in the media is often taken for granted.  It is a God-given right and priveldge afforded to citizens of very few countries these days and I think it is awesome that Kathy Lee reminded her audience of the peace and comfort God provides when you let Him into your life and throw your stone. May God rest Frank’s soul in peace and continue to bless America!


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