“Hey White Liar – the Truth Comes Out a Little at a Time”

“. . . it spreads just like fire. . .”  So, which one is the “white liar,” Blake or Miranda?  Who cheated on who? Does it matter?

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were country’s perfect couple.  They seemed to be so much in love and just right for each other, but for whatever reason, and based on experience, there’s probably more than one, the couple has chosen to divorce.  According to their statement to the Associated Press, “. ..we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter.”  Reporting on the sad news, all the websites and tabloids are speculating as to who cheated on who, pointing out who’s wearing their wedding ring, who’s crying in public, and who gets what house.  Is this any of our concern?  At the end of the day will the answers change anything?  NO.  If we really care about their happiness, pray for their strength to get through this, offer supportive comments, and then let’s leave them alone.  #Blakeshelton and #mirandalambert we wish you peace, healing, and happiness as you move forward.  – BMT


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