Amy Schumer’s Glamour Cover – “I have cellulite and I still deserve love”

There is nothing more refreshing than talented, plump actresses in the spotlight.  With the recent plus size model on the cover of People Magazine, the rising super-stardom of Melissa McCarthy, and now Glamour’s August 2015 covergirl – Amy Schumer, writer and star of this summer’s funniest movie – “Trainwreck”, plus size women are making their stand and becoming socially acceptable.  Let’s face it, It is not a realistic aspiration to be a size zero! Of course, we don’t want to go to the other extreme and promote obesity, but I think these ladies are telling our daughters that you CAN do ANYTHING you want as long as you have the drive, talent, and dream.  Don’t let your size or your slight imperfections stop you!  Fat is where it’s at!

Click the link below to check out a video (from Glamour’s website) of what was going through Amy Schumer’s mind as she posed for the cover shoot; it’s comical!


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