Review- “Trainwreck,” directed by Judd Apatow (Producer of “Bridesmaids”) and written by Amy Schumer.

When she was a little girl, Amy’s (Amy Schumer) father, Gordon (Colin Quinn) taught her and her sister (Brie Larson) that monogamy isn’t realistic.  She believed him.  Amy’s life IS a trainwreck rapidly going south!  She inherited her father’s drinking habits and has been travelling the relationship track, avoiding commitment by ensuring she doesn’t do anything that even resembles a serious relationship.  She has a rule that she never sleeps over and she doesn’t see the same guy twice.  There is one guy that she does see more than most, Steven (John Cena), but he’s considering marriage and children and she doesn’t consider them “exclusive!”  The funniest scenes of the movie involve watching the crash of their relationship.  John Cena is surprisingly comical!

Amy works as a writer for a racy magazine.  She emphatically states that she thinks sports are dumb and for some reason, this prompts her boss to assign her to write a profile on a sports doctor.  She is assigned to interview Dr. Aaron Conners, (Bill Hader) a sports medicine physician/surgeon, for the article.  This is an uncharacteristically serious role for Bill Hader and he does a fantastic job.  LeBron James plays himself and is Dr. Conners’ best friend.  LeBron’s pretty funny himself.  Who knows, acting could be LeBron’s backup career if this basketball thing doesn’t work out?!  Dr. Conners really likes Amy and wants to date her, but Amy is confused by his serious approach and her own feelings.  Their lives now switch tracks and you’ll have to see the movie to find out more.

LeBron and Dr. Conners are friends.

“Trainwreck” is hilarious. It is like watching a Saturday Night Live movie as many of the stars are SNL alumni, such as Hader, Quinn, and Tim Meadows as well as current cast members, such as Vanessa Bayer, Pete Davidson, and Leslie Jones.  The movie is full of cameos by famous actors, comedians, and athletes, including Daniel Radcliffe, Marisa Tomei, and Chris Evert.

Amy Schumer and Vanessa Bayer – can’t believe Dr. Conners wants to see Amy again!

You will laugh so hard that you will need to see it at least twice, in order to hear what you missed while you were laughing so hard!  People were screaming with laughter during so much of the movie; there really is one funny scene after another!  “Trainwreck” is rated R.  It’s an adult, romantic comedy with a small amount of sad/serious moments – just enough to make the characters real and more than enough side-splitting, funny moments to make it a box office hit!  Looking forward to more movies written by Amy Schumer, she is a comedic genius! That’s to be expected since, many geniuses graduated from South Side High School, including yours truly!J -BMT

P.S.- LOML Ezra Miller is in it too, and he is wonderful. – RCT

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