Spy – Directed by Paul Feig – Movie Review

Move over Bond, there’s a new Spy in town and she’s not only a quick draw, she’s quick witted!  Melissa McCarthy is Susan Cooper, a CIA agent, who is convinced that she is best suited to operatSpy Movie Signe behind the desk as mission control.  However, with their best agent killed in the line of duty and the fear that the identities of other agents have been exposed, the CIA needs to send an unknown face to track the location of a nuclear bomb.  Agent Cooper volunteers for the “information only” mission.  However, once Cooper, a/k/a Penny Morgan, arrives in Paris, she’s not satisfied with staying two steps behind.  She immediately becomes immersed in the situation, follows her target, and uses her self-defense training and surprisingly kills him!

Criminals beware; Cooper is licensed to kill by the CIA and is an excellent marksman.  But her real weapon is her cutting and vicious verbal attack!  She has grown men crying, while the audience is crying from laughter!  This is Mellissa McCarthy’s best role yet!  Not to say that her other roles haven’t been fantastic; her performances just keep getting better.  No doubt the sequel(s) will also follow suit.

Jason Statham, Jude Law, Rose Byrne, Miranda Hart, the Swedish fish-eating guy, and a cameo by 50 Cent(piece) also do their part to make this movie the best comedy of the summer, and what Reviews of the Arts SA believes will become a classic! Spy has all the action, drama, violence, and suspense of a 007 Movie, but has one ingredient Bond lacks – comedy!  Spy is as much a comedy as it is an action film!  There are even some bloody scenes for those that are into that!

Don’t miss this movie!  Don’t wait for the video, see it now! A word of advice: Don’t run out on the credits, watch the plot twist at the end! – BMT